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Grid Connect: Course Agenda

Grid Connect Solar systems course – Course code 800

Note: It is recommended that the two installations days are dependent on the weather- if there are fine days in week 1 then the opportunity should be taken to do the installations days during week1.


Monday Week 1

09:00-09:15: Session One Part A: Introduction   

09:15-09:30: Session One Part B: Scope of Course   

09:30-10:00: Session One Part C: Safety Orientation  

10:00-10:30: Session One Part D: PV Overview

10:30-10:45: break

10:45-12:00: Session Two Part A: Solar Resource

·           Irradiance

·           Geometric Effects

·           Altitude and Azimuth

·           Sunpath Diagram

·           Magnetic North & True North and South

·           Atmospheric Effects

·           Direct and Diffuse Radiation

·           Air Mass

·           Irradiation and Peak Sun Hours

·           Solar Radiation Data

·           Solar Altitude                                                     


12:00-12:15: Session Two Part B: Parallel Series Circuits

·       Ohms Law (referring to following)

·       Series Circuits

·       Parallel Circuits

·       Combination Series/Parallel Circuits

12:15-13:00  Session Two Part C: System Components PV Cells –PV Modules


  • The photoelectric effect
  • Characteristics of Solar Cells
  • Typical IV curve for Solar Cells
  • Power Curve of the Solar Cells
  • Factors which effect the performance of solar cells
    • Temperature
    • Irradiance
  • Types of Solar Cells
    • Mono Crystalline
    • Poly Crystalline
    • Amorphous
  • Performance of Solar Cells
    • Efficiency
    • Fill Factor
  • Creating a Module
  • Solar (PV ) Modules
  • Commercial Modules
  • Different types of modules for grid connect
  • Arrays
  • Electrical Protection
  • Bypass diodes
  • Blocking diodes
  • Selecting Diodes
  • Module Reliability

13:00-14:00 Lunch

14:00-14:45: Session Three part A: System Components PV Cells –PV Modules  Continued

14:45- 15:45: Session Three Part B: Inverters


  • Purpose of Inverters
  • Inverters with Transformers
  • Inverters without Transformers
  • MPP
  • Types of Inverters:
    • Modular
    • String
    • Multi-String
    • Central
  • Inverter Efficiency
  • Inverter Protection Systems
  • Grid Protection Functions
  • Monitoring Features 


15:45-16:00: Break

16:00- 17:00: Session Four: Overview of Mock Roof System Installations-

  • How to install BIPV system
  • How to Install retrofit system


Tuesday Week 1

08:30-10:30: Session Five Exercises based on previous days work

10:30-10:45: break


10:45-13:00: Session Six:  Practical Session- PV Modules and Solar Pathfinder System Components

  • Testing and measuring solar module output Solar Pathfinder


13:00-14:00 Lunch

14:00-14:30: Session Seven Part A: Balance of System

  • Cabling
  • Array String Protection and Disconnection Switches
  • Lightning Protection
  • PV Main Disconnect Switches
  • Array Junction Boxes or d.c. connection boxes

14:30-15:00: Session Seven Part B: What is a grid connected system?

  • How does a grid connected system work?
  • Central vs Distributed Systems
  • Metering

15:00- 15:45: Session Seven Part C: Designing a grid connected system Part A

  • Undertaking a site survey
  • Determining number of modules that can fit on the roof
  • Wind Loading of Array
  • Selecting Type of Inverter
  • Where are the power losses in a grid-connected PV system
  • Matching the PV Array to the Voltage Specifications of Inverter
  • Matching the PV Arrays Power Output to the Inverters Power rating

15:45-16:00: Break

16:00-17:00: Session Eight:: Designing a grid connected system Part A  Continued


Wednesday Week 1


08:30-10:30: Session Nine:  Exercises based on previous 2 days work

 10:30-10:45: break

10:45- 13:00: Session Ten: System Design Exercises

13:00-14:00 Lunch

14:00-15:45: Session Eleven: System Design Part B

  • Determining the size of the dc and ac cables
  • Determining the protection equipment and switching
  • Determining Lightning Protection requirements
  • Interconnecting system to the Grid
  • Calculating Energy Yield for PV grid-connected system

15:45-16:00: Break

16:00-17:00: Session Twelve: System Design Exercises


Thursday Week 1


08:30-10:30: Session Thirteen:  Exercises based on previous 3 days work

10:30-10:45: break

10:45- 13:00: Session Fourteen: System Installation

·       Installation Preparation

·       Drawings

·       Installing Solar Array

o   On existing roof

o   BIPV

·       Installing Array Junction Box and d.c switchgear and SPD’s

·       d.c cabling

·       Installing Inverters

·       Installing a.c equipment- SPD’s, kWh meter and switches

·       a.c. cabling

·       signage

13:00-14:00: Lunch

14:00-15:00: Session Fifteen Part A: Wiring Diagrams

·       Schematics

·       Block Diagrams

 ·       Circuit Diagrams

15:00-15:45: Session Fifteen Part B: Commissioning

·       Inspection, testing and commissioning of PV system

·       Shutdown and start up procedures

·       Generating test reports

·       System Documentation

15:45-16:00: Break

16:00-17:00: Session Sixteen: Maintenance and Trouble Shooting

·       Introduction- Maintenance

·       Maintenance Schedule

o   Solar Array

o   Inverters

·       System Integrity

o   Maintaining System Integrity

·       Introduction- Trouble Shooting


Friday Week 1

08:30-10:30: Session Seventeen: Exercises based on previous 4 days’ work

10:30-10:45: break

10:45-13:00: Session Eighteen: System Design Exercises

13:00-14:00: Lunch

14:00-15:45: Session Nineteen: Computer Programs

  • Review of programs available on the market
  • SMA software
  • Fronius software
  • Any other relevant manufacturers’ software

15:45-16:00: Break

16:00-17:00: Session Sixteen:  Economics of Systems


Monday  Week 2   

Assuming there are 12 students- they are broken into 4 groups of 3

There are two complete systems 


08:30-5:00:     Group A & B: Dismantles and Installs grid tie Systems on Roof


                       Group C & D : Do Exercises and assignment and practical session on combiner boxes


Tuesday Week 2

08:30-5:00:     Group A & B: Do Exercises and assignment and practical session on combiner boxes


                        Group C & D : Dismantles and Installs GC Systems on Roof

Exercises will be on:

·       Design

·       Computer

·       Drawing

·       Economic Analysis

·       Install


Wednesday     and Thursday Week 2

09:00-5:00:     One-on One sessions

Each attendee spends 3/4 to 1 hrs with a trainer undertaking, on one of the systems:

·       they electrically interconnect the PV array to the DC Main switch, the SPD’s and then  to the inverter. On  the AC side they connect the inverter to main switch, SPD’s and then to grid connect point.

·       They complete the installation and pre-commissioning check list.

·       The commission the system  as per instructions in Manual

·       The trainer asks them a number of questions which they answer orally.

When not undertaking the one –on- one sessions the attendees are doing exercises, assignment and studying for the examination.


Exercises will be on:

·       Design

·       Questions on Equipment

·       Maintenance

·       Trouble Shooting

·       Standards


Friday Week 2


09:30-12:30  Examination

Training Courses