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Welcome to DSTC Solar Training Center

DSTC is an innovative contributor to the wider use of solar energy in West Africa, Ghana in particular. It has helped to expand the solar market in Ghana and other ECOWAS countries by providing technical training on the design, installation and maintenance of stand-alone solar systems, and on solar water pumping systems.

Since its establishment in 2009 more than 1500 participants from 3 countries have attended one or more of our 7 different training courses. Many of the students have come from educational institutions on scholarships from donors which DSTC has been involved in arranging.

Our cooperation partners include NGOs, Association of Ghana Solar Industries (AGSI), institutions and polytechnics in the rural districts. Our emphasis is on providing solar home systems to schools, lights and solar vaccine fridges to clinics and solar water pumps to selected communities, all in the off-grid districts as we believe that equal educational and health facilities for all is essential for the development of the nation. Also the role of women in the society is most important for DSTC, we have been involved in providing solar lighting systems to the SWAPO organization in Siregu in the Upper East Region of Ghana.

DSTC has played an important role in capacity building in the rural districts of Ghana with both technical and business training courses for rural service providers. The company is also offering consultancy services on solar projects and project implementation.

Training is carried out not only at DSTC Solar Training Center in Accra, but also in the off-grid districts in the north of Ghana where the solar products and thus the training is mostly needed. DSTC has undertaken project installation and training for many different types of solar projects including solar home systems for lights, TV and radio, solar vaccine refrigerators, solar water pumps, cell phone charging projects and special solar vaccine refrigerators for the clinics in the remote rural districts facilitation storage of vaccines, insulin and snake bite sera.

In recent time, DSTC has developed cooperation with some of the polytechnics in the Northern Regions in order to extend the training directly to technical lecturers and graduates for the benefit of the rural populations. Examples can be mentioned that a training course on solar water pumping was introduced to the Bolga Polytechnic and a training course on stand-alone solar power systems – maintenance and installation was introduced to the Wa Polytechnic. A training and installation project was organised in the bole district in collaboration with an NGO called IBIS involving 14 schools and 4 clinics. – Press releases on these projects are available on our website.

Project implementation has in recent years become part of the DSTC program. This involves a close coordination with both the donors and also the beneficiaries, often an NGO with DSTC taking full responsibility.

Realizing the need for a presence in the Northern Regions of Ghana, DSTC has employed on contract basis a business development coordinator who is based in Tamale. Arrangements have been made to open DSTC office training and information office in Tamale from the end of January, 2014, located opposite the Gariba lodge.

The company is a founding member of the Association of Ghana Solar Industries (AGSI) and has received international accreditation by ISPQ.

In order to sustain the future operations of the DSTC Solar Training Center, it is important to update the current training program. We want to add new training courses on grid connected solar systems, distant learning and energy efficiency. We also want to extend our training within ECOWAS. DSTC has therefore recently become affiliated to the Global Sustainable Energy Solutions (GSES), www.gses.com.au, an Australian renewable energy training company with wide training and development experience also in Africa. GSES has trained the DSTC trainers, and has been cooperating with DSTC already for more than 10 years- a cooperation which is now being expanded for the benefit of the solar industry.

Training Courses

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DATE: 20TH – 24TH MARCH 2017



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One day solar workshop organized by DSTC in collaboration with GSES

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DSTC Solar Training Centre has opened a new office in Tamale. Our offices can be located opposite Gariba Lodge, Rice City, Tamale.

Please call our Office Manager:

Mr. Noah Saduli 0204083891/ Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your training enquiries.


 DSTC Solar Training Centre has been registered with COTVET as a Technical and Vocational Education Training (TVET) provider under the COTVET L. I. 2195 of 2012. Accreditation process is currently underway to be completed within the year.

DSTC Solar Training has become a member of the Renewable Energy Association of Ghana, REAG.